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Live Christmas Trees

UPDATE- We have sold out of our live Christmas trees for 2012.  Thank you for your support of this program.

Many people dream of a white Christmas, but what about a green one?

You can achieve a green Christmas by choosing a live Christmas tree! Trees Atlanta’s live Christmas tree program provides Eastern red cedars for your home.

Top ten reasons to have a live Christmas tree:

  • No need to chop down a tree!
  • No need to use a fake tree!
  • You can either plant it in your yard after the holidays, or return it to Trees Atlanta and we’ll plant it around town. 
  • Live trees smell great!
  • You don’t have to deal with that annoying tree stand — leave it in the attic this year.
  • You’ll have the coolest Christmas tree in town.
  • You’re giving a Christmas present to the earth.
  • You don’t have to put your brown, dead tree on the curb after the holiday.
  • Start a new family tradition: Christmas will be good for your family AND for trees. 
  • And finally…. you’re supporting your favorite non-profit organization!

$55 to return to be planted by Trees Atlanta, $80 to keep.

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) in 15g containers, approximately 5-6 feet tall (1 foot of container)

Tree Care
Keep the tree near a window if possible and water well several times a week, depending on the temperature inside your house.  Keep trees away from air vents or heaters.  Once the decorations are removed, move the tree outside as soon as possible and water twice a week until returned or planted.

Pickup during business hours M-F.  Other times (Saturdays, etc.) can be arranged, if necessary. We will deliver anywhere inside the perimeter for $25. If we pick the tree up after the holidays,the cost is another $25.

This tree will support lights and lighter ornaments.

Trees should be returned to Trees Atlanta by Friday, January 11th.

Think the live Christmas tree program is right for you and your family? Then let’s get started! Contact Cooper Starr today.

  • ChristinaT

    Are the trees grown locally?

    • Lauren @ Trees Atlanta

      Yes, they are grown by a nursery in Hampton, GA! Thanks for asking Christina T.

  • atltreepros

    What a great idea. We shared it on our Facebook page.

  • Kate B

    Our live Christmas trees have all been sold…Thank you for your interest!