Urban Trees

Help keep our downtown beautiful

Contribute to the beautification of downtown and business zones by sponsoring an Urban Tree planting.

Urban Trees for your Business

Trees Atlanta began planting urban trees nearly 30 years ago when concerned citizens and business leaders rallied to bring trees back into Atlanta’s downtown corridor. Certain environments (such as business districts, downtown areas, within sidewalks or public right-of-ways) require larger trees to be planted. We will work with you to design a plan and our staff will select appropriate species that will thrive in the chosen location and oversee the tree planting. Typical cost is $550-750 per tree and includes 2 years of maintenance.

 For our urban tree plantings we work with corporate entities to beautify business centers, office complexes, city streets, and similar urban environments. The environmental benefits are equaled only by the considerable aesthetic benefits these plantings provide in these settings.


Benefits for your Business

Show your involvement in the community – We will help publicize your level of involvement with Trees Atlanta by promoting your tree planting through a variety of channels and acknowledging your support for Trees Atlanta.

Green your business – Remind the community of your business’ environmental awareness as they walk along the street now covered with trees from the tree planting you sponsor.

Continuing education opportunity – We can incorporate an educational aspect to an Urban Trees planting, such as a Tree Walk to educate the staff on the trees we planted, a scheduled Arboretum Walking Tour on the BeltLine, or a private education course for adults or youth (education opportunities are dependent on level of sponsorship).


Environmental Benefits

Cooling urban areas – Shade provided by trees has a direct cooling effect on the air temperature for surrounding sidewalks, parking lots, roads, residences, and parks. Tree lined streets provide cool comfort for pedestrians and residents.

Improving air quality – High temperatures escalate the production of smog and other pollutants. Trees help by reducing the air temperature through shading and carbon monoxide absorption. Trees also intercept airborne particulates and absorb gaseous pollutants.

Reducing traffic speeds and increasing safety to pedestrians – Studies indicate that tree-lined roads provide a sense of enclosure, which causes motorists to drive slower and more carefully. In a sense, trees act as natural traffic managers. Trees along the street also encourage pedestrians to stick to the sidewalk.

Energy conservation – By producing shade in warmer climates, trees help conserve energy by intercepting radiant heat. Trees also block the wind, which can save energy in colder climates by reducing heat dissipation.

Noise reduction – Trees and shrubs are effective buffers in screening out urban noise. Trees dull or soften sound waves that attempt to pass through them. A row of trees can cut the ambient noise level in half.

Creating a beautiful boulevard – Beautification contributes to the aesthetic appeal of a city area, deters crime, and increases the value of an area.