A full canopy of volunteer opportunities at Trees Atlanta

If you have a passion for trees and conservation, there is a perfect volunteer opportunity waiting for you at Trees Atlanta. We offer a wide range of programs and services that provide a fun and rewarding experience for our dedicated volunteers. Join us today!

Volunteer with Trees Atlanta as an Individual

Saturday Tree Projects

Perhaps the most popular volunteer activity is our weekly Saturday tree projects. Trees Atlanta has volunteer opportunities just about every Saturday year-round. This hands-on, “dig in the dirt” activity is a great way to meet new friends and get to know more about the community while also helping make it a better place to live.

On Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon, we meet our volunteers in a different neighborhood in Atlanta for tree planting, tree care, or forest restoration projects (depending on the time of year). It’s fun! It’s free! It’s a great way to meet new friends and get to know Atlanta. Sign up to volunteer with us today!

All ages are welcome to attend our tree and meadow plantings and we recommend ages 12 and up for tree maintenance projects.  Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver on their behalf and bring it with them to the project.

You can also learn more about how our NeighborWoods program can bring 30-70 trees to your neighborhood. 

Weekday Help

Trees Atlanta occasionally needs help during the week. We announce weekday opportunities in our weekly volunteer email (that you receive when you sign up to volunteer). Weekday opportunities could include: helping lead a group project, weeding at the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center, event preparation, watering with the Urban Forestry Crew.

Need Community Service Hours?

Trees Atlanta’s Community Service program is provided for individuals of all ages who are completing community service for school, work, court, or a club. Community Service opportunities are available year-round. Community Service individuals assist employees with the daily work at Trees Atlanta which may include planting and maintaining trees and native grasses, forest restoration, or office work.

Court ordered community service offenses that are allowed are: DUI, Speeding Tickets, Loitering, Reckless Driving, and other misdemeanors (at Trees Atlanta’s discretion). Felony offenses and violent offenses including battery, assault or animal cruelty are not eligible for community service with Trees Atlanta. All individuals who have been court ordered to perform community service MUST provide documentation verifying the type of offense.

To begin accumulating hours, first sign up to become a volunteer.

Volunteer with Trees Atlanta as a Group

Are you a civic, school, or youth group interested in volunteering with Trees Atlanta?

We welcome groups of all sizes to our Saturday volunteer projects.  During planting season (October-March) we look for groups of 5 to 100 people.  During maintenance season (April-September) we need groups of 5 to 20 people.  Please email Susan Pierce Cunningham if you are interested in scheduling your group to volunteer with us on a Saturday.

Are you a corporation interested in sponsoring a project?

The Trees Atlanta Corporate Volunteer Program provides an outstanding team-building opportunity for your organization, while also making our city a cleaner, greener, more inviting place to live and work.

The program offers a nice change of pace from an ordinary work day, and gives volunteers a sense of accomplishment as teams plant trees, mulch and prune parks, and much more. Trees Atlanta Corporate Volunteer projects are also a great way to reduce carbon footprinting and give back to the Atlanta community.

If you would like to participate in either our Corporate Sponsor or Corporate Volunteer Programs, please email Kate Conner.

Want to be more involved as a Trees Atlanta Volunteer?

Volunteer a Skill

Do you have expertise that you could share with Trees Atlanta?  We are looking for help in these areas: Art Education, Plant Identification, GIS Proficiency, Photography, Marketing, Copywriting, Editing.  Do you have another skill you think would be helpful for Trees Atlanta?  Tell us about it!

Learn to Prune Trees

Trees Atlanta needs help pruning our young trees to train them to grow tall and strong.  To prune with Trees Atlanta, volunteers must first take our Pruning 101 class.  We also offer Pruning 102 and 103, but only Pruning 101 is required to get started. 

Pruning classes are offered throughout the spring and summer – check our calendar to find upcoming classes.

Become a Volunteer Project Leader

Volunteer Project Leaders are Trees Atlanta’s experienced and trusted volunteers who lead projects throughout the year.  There are four kinds of Project Leaders:  

  • Volunteer Forest Restoration Leader
  • Volunteer Tree Planting Leader
  • Volunteer Tree Maintenance Leader
  • Volunteer Tree Pruning Leader

Basic Volunteer Project Leader Requirements (to be completed by Project Leaders of all Specialties):

  • Be eligible to be covered by Trees Atlanta’s truck insurance policy
  • Attend at least 6 volunteer projects
  • Attend the TreeKeepers Session on project leadership
  • Attend a 3 to 4 hour training on how to use TA equipment such as water pumps, drive trailers, and learn where to find supplies (led by an Urban Forestry Crew member)
  • Lead a project in your desired specialty with a staff member at least twice
  • Receive final approval from Trees Atlanta staff

In addition to these 6 requirements, candidates are required to attend one additional training session specific to their type of certification.  There are no additional requirements for Volunteer Tree Maintenance Leader. Additional Requirements for Volunteer Projects Leader Specialties:

  • Volunteer Forest Restoration Leader – attend TreeKeeper Session on Invasive Plants
  • Volunteer Tree Planting Leader – attend TreeKeeper session on Tree ID and selection
  • Volunteer Tree Pruning Leader – attend Pruning 101 – 103

All of these requirements must be completed within one year of beginning the training program. We expect Volunteer Project Leaders to lead at least 4 projects a year, which is a time commitment of 24 to 64 hours per year, depending on the Project Leader Specialties. 

Become a TreeKeeper

The TreeKeepers program is designed to educate volunteers by giving them a deeper, in-depth understanding of tree preservation. Participants receive specialized training and certification through classes, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. Graduates of TreeKeepers are then able to lead projects for Trees Atlanta or in their own communities. Learn more about TreeKeepers.

Become an Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum Docent

Docents for the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum Walking Tour are volunteers who are passionate and specially trained to guide tours or lead projects within the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum. To participate in the training necessary to lead interactive tours and hands-on projects specifically associated with the Atlanta Beltline Arboretum, please contact Kate Baltzell ([email protected])

Help us with Outreach

Our Outreach program allows our volunteers to go out into the community and engage people in a dialogue about the importance of Atlanta’s urban forest. Through neighborhood events and festivals, our outreach volunteers seek to educate neighbors and bring aboard new volunteers to help with our many programs.