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Front Yard Tree Program

Did you know that by living in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, or Chamblee, you are eligible for a FREE front yard tree? Arbor Day Foundation has a fantastic ‘NeighborWoods’ program that Trees Atlanta is proud to take part in. In partnership with the City of Atlanta and the City of Sandy Springs, our Front Yard Tree Program provides trees to homeowners at no cost to them.

The primary objectives of the Front Yard Tree Program are to lower the rising summer temperatures from the heat island effect and reduce energy consumption by providing more canopy cover in the two cities. Residents can select from a variety of trees, including American Linden, Golden Globe Ginkgo, and Tulip Poplar.

We have received a lot of positive sentiment from homeowners about the Front Yard Tree Program. Here’s what a few residents had to say:

“I am super proud to be a part of planting for our city’s future. Registration for the program was really easy, and the energy and efficiency from the planting volunteers was really great to see. It blew me away. Preservation is so important, and Trees Atlanta is helping to preserve our city. So yeah, I’m really proud to be a part of it.”
                                                                                                                                                                 – Brian

 “I’m from Sandy Springs. Growing up, I always had an affinity for trees and the canopy that surrounds the city and North Georgia. When I heard about the program, it sounded too good to be true. So I looked into it, and had an entire list of trees to choose from. I was connected with an extremely professional, knowledgeable representative of Trees Atlanta, Cate Hughes. Within a week, Cate was over to take a look at my yard to help advise me on trees that would not only look good but would grow well in my yard. Less than two weeks later, I had three beautiful trees planted in my yard that I look forward to caring for and enjoying forever.”

                                                                                                                                                                 – Owen

Urban trees provide a multitude of long-term benefits to city residents and ecosystems. They work to decrease energy bills, absorb pollutants, reduce maintenance costs for streets and stormwater infrastructure, increase property values, and of course, beautify neighborhoods.

Interested in adding a new tree to your front yard? The process is simple – fill out a quick form on our website, and a NeighborWoods team member will be in touch soon to schedule your planting. As always, we greatly appreciate the help of volunteers, as well as the cities of Atlanta and Sandy Springs.

11 responses to “Front Yard Tree Program”

  1. Mary Destro says:

    I would be so interested in the Front Yard Tree Program. We live in Sandy Springs, and I look forward to hearing from someone so I, too, may choose a tree or trees for our front yard. Many thanks !!

  2. Jayma Koval says:


    A few years ago you planted front yard trees along Hardendorf Ave in Atlanta. There is a redbud tree planted in front of our neighbor’s property but a developer cleared the lot and the tree is now in poor shape. Would it be possible for you to replant it in front of our property so the developers won’t keep wrecking it? I wasn’t sure but wanted to inquire. I live at 506 Hardendorf, the tree is in front of 502 Hardendorf.


    • trees atlanta says:

      Hi Jayma! Can you please send an email with these details to our team at Thank you for reaching out.

      • Tsveta Georgieva says:

        hi there! is this program open to any other cities? we live in smyrna and would love to either be a part of the program or buy a linden tree.
        thank you

        • trees atlanta says:

          Hi Tsveta. We currently just offer free front yard trees to residents of the City of Atlanta and Sandy Springs. We aren’t currently offering trees for sale as our planting season is just in the fall through winter. Thank you for reaching out!

  3. Randall Keen says:

    I would like a front yard tree. You are in my neighborhood on Mar 23

    • trees atlanta says:

      Hi there Randall. Please fill out a form on our website and a member of our NeighborWoods team will follow up. Thank you for your interest in our Front Yard Tree Program!

  4. Genie Ison Gray says:

    Would be very interested in a free tree for our yard. City of Atlanta resident!

    • trees atlanta says:

      Hi Genie! We’re so glad you’re interested in our Front Yard Tree Program. Simply fill out a form on our website and a member of our NeighborWoods team will be in touch with you.

  5. We think it is amazing what you are doing with the front yard tree program!

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