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Goats to invade Buckhead’s Atlanta Memorial Park

Atlanta, Georgia, December 5, 2016 – The Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy Nov. 30 announced some goats will be invading the Buckhead park Dec. 10.

Drop by the park between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to see the goats, which will be in the park to eat invasive plants thanks to two generous grants from the community. The conservancy and Trees Atlanta invite all neighbors to meet the goats, ask questions about the program and learn why invasive plant removal is vital to a healthy urban forest.

There will also be refreshments and a craft table for children to make a craft while learning about the benefits of having the grazing goats in our park. Look for the goats and representatives of the near the park’s existing playground, in the open meadow area off Wesley Drive.

2 responses to “Goats to invade Buckhead’s Atlanta Memorial Park”

  1. Marlena Martin says:

    Can you please provide the information for the goats (rental by the hour, day, acreage, etc.)? I live in the Cascade area (off Cascade Road/Benjamin E. Mays) and the entire area is covered in invasive ivy and kudzu.

    Also, can you offer any other solutions to getting rid of ivy in such large concentrations as we have?

    • trees atlanta says:

      Please contact the grazing vendor directly, as he determines the rates: Michael Swanson at Get Your Goat, 404-981-8585.

      There are 3 ways to control ivy, each with pros and cons:
      Grazing—chemical-free, doesn’t kill the ivy roots so must be repeated, collateral damage can occur to other plants within the grazing area
      Spraying—kills the ivy’s roots; not always effective depending on season and stage of ivy leaf growth
      Manual removal (pulling/cutting)—chemical-free; labor intensive, can cause erosion if done improperly

      You may also contact for a quick invasive removal consultation.

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