Urban Trees

When a project needs a little something extra

Not all tree plantings are created equal. With many Trees Atlanta projects, some sturdy shovels and a lot of hard working volunteers can see the process through. However, there are instances when some heavier equipment is required. Our Urban Trees program allows us to tackle tough challenges such as streetscapes, sidewalks, and commercial business centers. Utilizing our network of Urban Trees partners, we are able to make use of heavy duty equipment needed to complete these tasks.

One of Trees Atlanta’s initiatives is to plant trees along major traffic corridors – North Avenue, Metropolitan Parkway, Boulevard, and others. Not only will these new trees beautify Atlanta roads and highways, but research has shown that street trees help decrease the speed of traffic, reduce the noise and air pollution from cars and trucks, and encourage pedestrians to walk along roadways.

Likewise, we are eager to work with corporate entities to beautify business centers, office complexes, and similar urban environments. The environmental benefits are equaled only by the considerable aesthetic benefits these plantings provide in these settings.

For these types of projects, it often takes more than a shovel and strong back to plant a tree:

IMG_2012 smaller
Through partnerships with entities such as the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, City of Parks Department, Department of Public Works, and a host of other clients and grants, Trees Atlanta is able to supplement its volunteer efforts with professional plantings by contractors who are equipped with heavy machinery such as concrete saws to cut tree wells in sidewalks and tree spades to lift and plant larger trees.

The locations for these contractor plantings include (but are not limited to) sidewalks, parks, green-spaces, and public right-of-ways.

Venturing out:
The Urban Tree Program partnered with the Duluth Train Museum, planting its first OTP trees during the 2012-2013 tree planting season.