Be prepared! Have the right tools to help protect our precious trees

Preserving and protecting trees in our community is a hands-on, collaborative effort. There are numerous agencies, ordinances, and programs dedicated to the protection of trees and other valuable natural resources. Many of these are listed here; if you need additional resource information, please contact us.

  • 50 Atlanta Trees

    50 Atlanta Trees

    Learn more about the 50 most frequently-seen trees in Atlanta. Soon, you’ll know the common and botanical names of tree,… Learn more

  • How to Plant Your Tree

    How to Plant Your Tree

    Trees offer direct environmental benefits to people living in urban areas, while also providing aesthetic and conservational values. It is important to know when, where, and how to plant a tree so it can thrive. Learn more

  • How to Care for Your Tree

    How to Care for Your Tree

    Proper care for a tree is easy, but also vitally important! Knowing the right methods for watering, mulching, and pruning is essential to ensuring a tree has all it needs to grow and prosper. Learn more

  • Urban Tree Canopy Study

    Urban Tree Canopy Study

    At 47.9 %, Atlanta has the highest percentage of overall urban tree canopy in the nation when compared to other cities that have conducted UTC Assessments. While many variables affect the presence of tree canopy at the turn of the 21st century, Atlanta remains a “City in the Forest.” Learn more

  • How To Save A Tree

    How To Save A Tree

    Trees are critical for healthy and vibrant communities. Planting trees helps make cities clean and green, but protecting the trees we already have may be even more important: large mature trees provide many more benefits than smaller young trees. Learn more

  • Tree Protection Ordinances

    Tree Protection Ordinances

    In the City of Atlanta, the City Arborist makes decisions regarding day-to-day implementation of the ordinance, and those decisions may… Learn more

  • Preserving the City of Trees

    Preserving the City of Trees

    Over the course of a ten-week summer internship at Georgia Tech, students created a few tools to assist Trees Atlanta… Learn more

  • Explore Atlanta's Urban Forest

    Explore Atlanta's Urban Forest

    Find your favorite trees! Through its planting programs, Trees Atlanta helps stem the tide of tree loss and expands the canopy… Learn more

  • Benefits of Trees

    Benefits of Trees

    To know something about trees - about even one tree – is to know something important, something fundamental, something profound… Learn more

  • Tree Organization Directory

    Tree Organization Directory

    There are many fantastic educational resource partners for Trees Atlanta. These organizations provide invaluable information for many Trees Atlanta projects and programs. Learn more

  • Arborist Referrals

    Arborist Referrals

    When in doubt about questions of tree care or health, a certified arborist or your County Extension Agent is an… Learn more

  • Carbon Offset Calculator

    Carbon Offset Calculator

    Learn more