Honor Someone with a Tree

A wonderful way to honor a special life

Finding the right way to recognize a friend or family member can often be very difficult. Words often don't seem to say enough, but attaching those thoughts to a living tree can give them special meaning. Trees represent the continuing cycle of life, and contributing to a Memorial Tree can be an ideal way to share in that precious gift.

Dedicate trees to honor your family, friends, co-workers, or clients. Give the gift of green and help restore Atlanta’s urban forest. Trees provide wonderful environmental, health, and aesthetic benefit to the community. Planting a tree is a gift that truly gives back for generations to come.

Three Options Available to Give the Gift of Green

1. Tree Tribute ($25)

A Tree Tribute donation is an easy, unique and thoughtful way to mark a special occasion. For each $25 contribution, a card will be sent to the person you indicate that announces that a gift has been made to the Trees Atlanta Tree Trust which allows us to plant trees through our NeighborWoods program. Your donation supports this important volunteer program that has enabled Trees Atlanta to plant tens of thousands of trees across the city.

  • Trees Atlanta volunteers will plant the trees at schools, in parks and along neighborhood streets throughout metro Atlanta during upcoming weekend NeighborWoods projects. 
  • We plant several varieties of oak, maple, birch, poplar, dogwood, and other “urban hardy” trees. 
  • The trees are also watered and maintained for two years by staff and volunteers to ensure their health.

2. NeighborWoods Tree Planting ($200 and up)

Honor the life of someone special or celebrate a special occasion by planting a native tree. This contribution will fund the planting of a 6 to 8 foot tall native specimen tree in an Atlanta neighborhood. The tree, which will be planted through our NeighborWoods program, will also be watered and maintained for two years by staff and volunteers to ensure its health. We plant a large variety of trees with the most popular species including oak, maple, birch, poplar, dogwood, and other “urban hardy” trees.

  • We will plant your tree during our upcoming tree planting season (October through March) in one of several dozen neighborhoods. 
  • Please visit our calendar to view neighborhoods we are planting in this year.
  • A special certificate and letter will be mailed to the person of your choice letting them know you made this special tribute gift.

3. Personal Tree Planting ($1,000 understory tree/$1,500 overstory tree)

This option is an incredibly meaningful way to honor a significant life event. Trees Atlanta will work with you to choose a 14 to 16 foot tall tree of your choice as well as work with you on areas in distinct neighborhoods available for planting. We will also work with you to determine the planting date which will fall within our planting months of October through March. The tree will be watered and maintained for two years by staff to ensure its health.

  • If you choose an understory tree, species will include Dogwood, Redbud or Chinese Fringe trees.
  • If you choose an overstory tree, species will include Oak, Black Gum or American Elm trees. 
  • A special certificate and letter will be mailed to the person of your choice showing a photo of the tree and its location. 
  • We will also recognize the contribution on the “Honor Someone with a Tree” page of our website through the duration of one planting season (6 months maximum).

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ’s section below or contact 404-681-4894 or tribute@treesatlanta.org.

Thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where will my tree(s) be planted? Can I choose the location?

Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to place markings or identifiers on trees nor can we tell you the exact location, unless you choose the Personal Tree Planting option. We do invite all of our tree dedicators and recipients to participate in our tree planting and tree care events. Please refer to our volunteer calendar for upcoming opportunities. We would love to see you there!

What does the recipient receive?

A Tree Tribute gift starts at $25 and the recipient will receive a personalized greeting card with original drawings by Atlanta school students. For a gift of $200 or more, a special certificate and letter announcing the planting of one native 6-8 foot tall tree will be sent to the recipient. For a gift of $1,000 or more, a special certificate and letter that includes information about the tree and its location and a photo will be sent to the recipient.

Where does my contribution go?

Tree Tributes provide funds to support Trees Atlanta’s reforestation efforts including planting new trees and caring for trees we’ve already planted in and around Atlanta. For more than 27 years, Trees Atlanta’s Tree Tribute program has allowed us to plant and care for trees in neighborhoods, along major city streets, in parks and in school yards. Many thousands of trees are now thriving in our city because of people like you who chose to acknowledge someone with a meaningful Tree Tribute gift.

If I want to do a personal tree planting, how do I indicate the kind of tree I want planted and the location?

Due to the nature of this tribute gift, it would be best to coordinate the details, including size, tree type and location over the phone. If you are interested in this option, please contact Kate Conner at 404-681-4893.

Can I make a dedication for other occasions besides memorials?

Tree Tributes can be made to commemorate any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and many more. During the holiday season Trees Atlanta offers a special, limited-edition tree greeting card that can be sent to anyone on your holiday gift list.

Can I add a message to the card or certificate?

Yes – we invite you to personalize your Tree Tribute card. There is a ‘personal note’ section on the online payment form where you can write this note. We will hand write your special message and include your name so that the recipient is aware that the gift was made by you.

Can I have the tribute card mailed back to me?

We typically mail the card to your honoree, but can also mail a blank card to you for personalization. If you would like the card mailed to you, please check the “send dedication acknowledgement” box on the online form. You may then fill in your name and address in the recipient field and indicate in the personal note field “return to me.” If the card is being sent back to you, it will come with a blank envelope for the card.

How long does it take for my Tree Tribute to be mailed?

Most orders are sent out 2-3 business days after being placed, however when order volume is high it may take 5 business days before your dedication is sent out.

I am interested in placing a large order; is the internet the easiest way to place it?

You can order any number of Tree Tributes through our secure website. If you are interested in placing an order of 5 or more Tree Tributes, please call Kate Conner at 404-681-4894 to coordinate details.

What type of payment do you accept?

Trees Atlanta accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you are paying with a check or cash, please note that we do not mail out dedications until payment is received. Checks should be made payable to Trees Atlanta and mailed to: Trees Atlanta, 225 Chester Avenue, Atlanta GA 30316.