Atlanta Canopy Alliance Pledge

Atlanta Canopy Alliance Pledge

Sign the pledge to show Atlanta’s policy makers and influencers your support for protecting our urban canopy!

Atlanta’s trees require your support and action. By signing the Atlanta Canopy Alliance Pledge, you are adding your name and voice to support:

  1. Funding for the planting and care of new trees within Atlanta’s urban forest.
  2. The preservation of existing forested urban land for the benefit and enjoyment of all Atlanta residents.
  3. Educational programs that develop citizens into skilled and knowledgeable stewards of the urban forest.
  4. The adoption and enforcement of beneficial tree ordinance updates that positively impact the protection of urban trees.

Click here to download the Atlanta Canopy Alliance Pledge.

In every urban environment, pedestrians find themselves drawn toward sidewalks cooled by the shade of trees. Along with their natural beauty, trees provide a number of benefits, including: shade and temperature reduction, carbon sequestration, storm water mitigation, oxygen, wildlife habitat, and food for many species, including humans! Property owners on streets with canopy trees benefit directly from tree growth, leading to increased property values, increased foot traffic driving retail sales, and reduced automobile speeds. Trees are hard workers in a healthy urban ecosystem.

You can help to protect our urban canopy by signing the Atlanta Canopy Alliance Pledge for trees. The Atlanta Canopy Alliance (an urban tree advocacy alliance made up of The Conservation Fund, Georgia Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, Park Pride, and Trees Atlanta) has written this pledge to help you make your voice heard by our city’s policy makers and influencers.

The most recent canopy benchmark study for the city of Atlanta (2008 data) showed that tree canopy covered 48% of the city’s land area – much of which is located in residential backyards and some undeveloped parcels. By the end of this year, the City of Atlanta, in conjunction with the Center for GIS at Georgia Tech, will release an updated analysis of canopy data collected in 2014. No matter the result of this analysis, it is vital that Atlanta’s citizens take steps to advocate on behalf of their urban canopy.

Here’s how you can make a direct impact today!

  1. Plant a native shade tree in your yard.
  2. Work with your neighbors to properly water, prune, and care for your community’s trees.
  3. Remove English ivy and other invasive plants from your yard. Plant native wildflowers in their place.
  4. Send an email to your city council member: tell them you want to protect our canopy and want them to support initiatives that promote the preservation of our urban trees.
  5. Attend your neighborhood, zoning, and NPU meetings and speak up in support of trees.
  6. Become more aware of your rights to protect your community’s trees ( call the City Arborists immediately if trees are being removed without permits. Report infractions. You have rights to appeal and petition pending tree removal believed to be in conflict with the Municipal Tree Protection Ordinance.